MFA Super Cup

MFA Super Cup is a coveted tournament organized by Mizoram Football Association in which every football club in Mizoram is eligible to participate. It was started in 2012 and has been played every year since then. It is an open tournament in which any club can participate and have a chance to play against the major clubs of Mizoram. MFA Super Cup is the largest club level competition in Mizoram in which professional as well as non-professional clubs vie for the coveted cup.

The first champions of the MFA Super Cup was Chanmari FC in 2012.In this tournament, the 8 MPL clubs enter the competition from the Round of 16 stage while all the other clubs engage in knockout competition to reach the higher stage. With the huge number of participating clubs in this tournament, the competition is always extremely tough especially for the smaller clubs as they have to play a number of fixtures at regular intervals. Year by year, the MFA Super Cup has become a valued and integral part of the football season in Mizoram.

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I-Day Football Tournament

I-Day tournament is one of the oldest running cup that we have in our state in which all the 8 MPL club including invitees from other state or clubs compete each other. It was started in the early 1970’s and was played every year since then. Before the MPL was introduced, it was played by the First Divison Clubs plus invitees. The tournament usually gets started in the middle of July and the Final game is played on Independence Day i.e 15th August.

It is a very competitive cup and even the price money for this tournament is quite good comparing to other cups that Mizoram has. We have professionals from outside the state and the players within the state are also one of the top classes that Mizoram had. Because of its excellence, we can see that fans are giving high value to this tournament.


MFA Cup is one of the most competitive Cups in Mizoram. This Cup is a knockout competition. The first Cup was played in the year 2012. Only 1st Division Clubs and MPL clubs are eligible for the Tournament. Currently there are 8 Clubs in the MPL and Clubs in 1st Division. Those playing under MFA Cup are one of the best teams in Mizoram with skilled and quality players.

Later on, in the year 2014 MPL Clubs are excluded so that they can concentrate in their respective league. Thus MFA Cup is played only by the 1st Division Clubs.